What's New?

The last 10 updates are listed below. Please note that all changes/updates to the old Dell 630i Collective are noted on this page.

  • July 25, 2022Warp 4060: Posted an update to the News/Updates page from Warp Discord admin Peter containing assorted photos and MP4 videos of his visit to CS-Labs.
  • June 21, 2022Blue Thunder/Tidbits: Added a new three-view drawing contributed by Artur Kredovitz.
  • June 2, 2022Warp 4060: Posted an update from Peter that the first of the new Warp 1260 production batch is now shipping: "Hey, guys. You will be happy to hear that the first Warps [Warp 1260 cards] from the new batch are being shipped and their new owners contacted! :)" (Peter, Discord/CS-Lab Warp#general)
  • May 3, 2022ZZ9000 Compendium: The latest (May 3, 2022) firmware and driver release for all ZZ9000-supported Amigas is v1.11; primarily an updated support release for the ZZ9000AX audio module.
  • April 12, 2022: — ZZ9000 Compendium: Added current ZZ9000AX issues (no audio for Zorro III-based 68040 and 68060 Amiga users) to the Support / Troubleshooting page, and cleaned up several older bug reports that have since been fixed.
  • April 2, 2022ZZ9000 Compendium: The latest (Apr. 1, 2022) firmware and driver release for all ZZ9000-supported Amigas is v1.10; primarily a support release for the ZZ9000AX audio module.
  • March 11, 2022Warp 4060: Posted an update from Cizar regarding Warp 1260 production: "There is time for the production of cards, the machine is adapted to the assembly of Warp. I think that 60 pieces will already be soldered on Wednesday. ... Then the next manual soldering of connectors... which will also take a while; milling of heat sinks, several more from the previous milling but the cards will be shipped quite soon." Cizar (Discord/CS-Lab Warp#general)
  • February 23, 2022Warp 4060: Added news of Warp 1260 production from Cizar: (translated from Polish) "Hello... in a week the assembly of the next batch of 80 pcs will begin. WARP1260." — Cizar (Discord/CS-Lab Warp#polski)
  • January 13, 2022ZZ9000 Compendium: Added a note from Lukas Hartmann confirming that no soldering is required to connect the Amiga's Paula audio to the ZZ9000AX 16-bit audio module; it's a simple cable connection.
  • December 21, 2021Workbench Nostalgia: Added a note about Workbench 3.2.1's release to the Workbench 3.2 page. Warp 4060: Added encouraging news from Cizar regarding 100 FPGAs that will soon arrive, allowing the assembly process of 100 more Warp 1260 cards in January!