Workbench Release 1.1, v31.334 (Kickstart v31.34 (NTSC), v32.34 (PAL))

Release date: December 1985 Kickstart on disk (256KB), new software
Shipped with: Amiga 1000, available as update
Major enhancements:
  • Version information for files (as well as 'version.library') were introduced in this release
  • There were two versions of Kickstart 1.1; one for NTSC and one for PAL
  • Early 1.1 versions (as well as 1.0) included a version of Basic called "ABasiC" (see 1.0 notes)
  • Tutorial by Mindscape included

There were few visible changes between 1.0 and 1.1.

  1. "Announce"—NOT officially part of 1.1 OR the ancestor of "Say" Click here for more details.
  2. Contents of the 1.1 Extras disk.
  3. Preferences (note "change serial" gadget is missing).
  4. Mindscape Amiga Tutorial: Beginning...
  5. Mindscape Amiga Tutorial: Welcome.
  6. Mindscape Amiga Tutorial: Menu.
  7. Startup in 1.1
  8. Proof that "Announce" was not an official part of Workbench v1.1
Kickstart Screen123
Hidden messages:

The following text was found—binary inverted—in the 1.1 Prefs editor (contributed by Eirik Risholm):

Caryn and =RJ= Love 4 Ever
INTUITION by =RJ Mical=  Software Artist Deluxe
Preferences  written by Barry Walsh and Jon Prince.
Dedicated to Penny Ridell with all my love Jon Prince.
Watch out for more software from Barry Walsh.
Carl  EXEC  Sassenrath reminds: All things are in Flux!
Luck Trucking Dale, We are the Champions.
To the original Amiga crew! We ARE the busy guys! We win.
Salute to the Commodore-Amiga folks who made this machine.
( RidelMany thanks to Judy Braddick for Diskcopy & Info.ns.To the

v31.334, NTSC—and possibly PAL—contain these messages:

  • (file offset 29601, ROM address FC73A1): "The Amiga Wizards bring this power to you."
  • (file offset 138557, ROM address FE1D3D): "brought to you by not a mere Wizard, but the Wizard Extraordinaire: Dale Luck"
Media information:

Descriptions & Part Numbers

Three (OFS) DS/DD diskettes
Amiga KickstartTM
PN: 327244-02
Amiga WorkbenchTM
PN: 327245-02
Amiga Extras
Amiga BasiCTM
Amiga TutorTM
PN: 316167-01
Amiga KickstartTM
50 HZ
PN: 32/244-02
  1. Tilo Hack notes: "I myself got v1.1 and v1.2 by simply visiting my dealer and getting them without being charged. Since I am owning an original CBM mailing authorizing all dealers to copy V1.3 for their customers, I suppose, that this must have been the official policy up to that time; so V1.1 must have been available as a free upgrade."
  2. Mark Knibbs noted on Usenet that: "the A1000 Kickstart 1.1 disk contains some pre-1.0 Workbench demos & files which can be recovered using a program like DiskSalv. One of these programs was used by the original Amiga team to download code from the Sun workstations used in early development of the Amiga.". Rodney Hester adds that all these files (including the Sun download utility) were also on the AmigaDOS v27.5 disk.
  3. Workbench 1.1 (and 1.0) did not show the icon during a drag. The pointer changed into a red circle/crosshair (visible in the Workbench 1.0 screenshot).
  4. Apparently 1.1 was still a very buggy release.