Workbench 4.1, version 53.7 (Kickstart version 53.22), U-Boot 1.1.1
Release date: September 2008 (AmigaOne), October 17, 2008 (SAM440 beta version), visit the official website
Announcements: AmigaOS 4.1
Updates: Update 3, released on August 29th, 2011
Kickstart on disk
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Major enhancements:
  • Intelligent memory paging
  • Hardware compositing engine (Radeon R1xx and R2xx family)
  • Implementation of the "Cairo" device-independant 2D rendering library
  • Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) support for greater digital camera compatibility
  • JXFS filesystem with support for drivers and partitions of multiple terabyte size
  • Improved Workbench functionality
  • New and improved DOS functionality (full 64-bit support, universal notification support, automatic expunge and reload of updated disk resources)
  • Improved 3D hardware accelerated screen-dragging
  • Reworked AmiDock with true transparency
  • Reworked Warp3D Radeon drivers with new functionality
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Media Information: One CD-ROM