Workbench Beta 2.0x, version 36.303 (2.00-2.03)
Release date: 1989 --
Major enhancements:
  • First use of the all-new 3D look, as well as the blue and gray color scheme. Menus were now rendered in black due to color constraints in Release 2 (from page 74 of the Amiga User Interface Style Guide):


Hidden messages: unknown
Media information:
Descriptions and Part Number
Two (OFS) DS/DD diskettes
A3000 Kickstart
PN: 367245-02 (V2.0?)
PN: 367245-03 (V2.01)
PN: 367245-04 (V2.02) International
PN: 367245-05 (V2.03)

A3000 Series Kickstart
PN: 367245-04 (V2.02)
PN: 367245-05 (V2.03)
A3000 Install Disk
PN: 335603-02
Version 2.0
PN: 317954-04 (V2.03)
Amiga Workbench
PN: 317954-02
Amiga Extras
Version 2.0
PN: 317235-04 (V2.03)
A3000 Install Disk (V2.03 Rev2.8)
PN: 335603-04
International A3000
Amiga Extras
PN: 317235-02
  1. Amigaos Retro Gaming YouTuber notes in his Amiga 3000 Assembly Part 3 video that for SuperKickstart to work, the Partition Device Name must be set as "WB_2.x" or it will result in an error on startup.
  2. Peter Cherna (former AmigaOS team member) explains the background and changes of Workbench Beta 1.4 through Workbench Beta 2.04.
  3. Michael Sinz notes "There was a 2.04 that we did that looked like 1.3 (for an inside joke/raid on a person who did not upgrade to 2.x and yet he was a 2.x engineer/tester)."
  4. Used in early Amiga 3000s as a "Superkickstart" (software-based ROM image file). As a side note, the 3000UX actually shipped with both 1.3 and 2.04 Superkickstart disks and operating systems.
  5. Early Amiga 3000s (with 2.00) had no CompuGraphic Intellifont outline fonts. This was added from 2.04 on.
  6. Andy Finkel notes that v1.4 was switched to v2.0 "when the Workbench graphics changed from the 1.3 look and feel to the 2.0 semi-3D look. Henri Rubin thought the new look was strong enough that we should go to 2.0. Besides, Apple was incrementing their major release numbers at the drop of a hat, so (numberwise) we were falling behind."
  7. Richard Lane notes that there was a tool called "WBConfig" (stored in Prefs) supplied with early beta versions of Workbench 2.0 for the A3000. This tool went on to become the "ClickToFront" commodity and the "Workbench window as backdrop" was moved to the Workbench menu.