ZZ9000 Compendium

Much more than a modern Amiga graphics card
Compiled by a ZZ9000 owner and enthusiast

Updated: July 7, 2020 | ZZ9000 is 2019-2020 MNT Research GmbH

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"ZZ9000 is highly extensible" — Lukas Hartmann

[Release 1.4a] Ethernet speed boost [Driver/Firmware release 1.4a greatly increased Ethernet speed] ("Planned new features for Batch 2 are higher Ethernet speed...") [Source link | Archived image]
[Release 1.5b Source link; not yet hot-pluggable] AmigaOS access to the USB port ("Planned new feature for Batch 3 is to make the USB port useful from the Amiga in some way... This functionality will also be backported to Batch 1 and 2 owners.") [Source link | Archived image]
[ZZ9500CX] Amiga 500 compatibility with RGB capture cable ("Planned new feature for Batch 3 ... and Amiga 500 compatibility incl. video capturing via a new cable. Important: To use the ZZ9000 with an Amiga 500, you will need a Zorro II adapter like Rob Cranley's Z-500 or the Checkmate 1500 Zorro adapter.") [Source link | Archived image]
AmigaOS access to a portion of the ZZ9000's 1GB of DDR3 RAM [See the Apps 'n ARMs page for an early, but usable, Zorro III-only test of this feature] ("Possible future feature.") [Source link | Archived image]
Firmware 2.0 (delayed, but in development): • WebM/VP9 playback on your Amiga with ZZ9000 • Amiga m68k -> ARM interface is now finally interrupt driven (GIC), freeing up most CPU time on both ARM cores. ("yes, you can play back webm/VP9 on your amiga with ZZ9000 FW2.0 (in development)") [Source link 1 | Source link 2; Archived image 1 | Archived image 2]
AmigaOS access to the MicroSD card ("...and to make the MicroSD card accessible from AmigaOS. These improvements will also be available for Batch 1 owners as a firmware/driver update.") [Source link | Archived image]
An official ZZ9000 driver installation diskette is still planned ("Double click "Install ZZ9000" from the ZZ9000 Install package available from our website or on floppy disk from our online shop.") [Source PDF | Archived image]

Audio module; 16-bit? (May 4, 2020: "ZZ9000 audio module planning") [Source link | Archived image]; "J6: Audio. Breaks out the raw and filtered audio signals of the video slot for use in future sound expansions.") [Source PDF]
ARM-powered datatypes that decode images, and an ARM-enabled music player. ("ARM SDK (baby steps so far, later I could use some help from people knowledgeable with datatypes and/or extending a music player): https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/zz9000-sdk) [Source link | Archived image]
FPGA expansion ("J10: FPGA Expansion. 10 additional unused FPGA inputs/outputs for later use.") [Source PDF]