ZZ9000 Compendium

Much more than a modern Amiga graphics card
Compiled by a ZZ9000 owner and enthusiast

Updated: July 7, 2020 | ZZ9000 is 2019-2020 MNT Research GmbH

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Requirements / Compatibility

To date, there are three official requirements (and one unofficial note):

• AmigaOS 3.1 (Kickstart and Workbench) or higher, though using AmigaOS is a wise step, since it fixes numerous bugs and issues.
• A 68020 or higher.
• Amiga with Zorro II or III slots: Amiga 2000/2500, Amiga 3000(T), Amiga 4000(T). It is unknown how the ZZ9000 performs in systems with third-party daughterboards (e.g. Elbox, RBM, Eagle, etc.).
Unofficial note
• Amiga 2000-specific: Uses 4MB of Zorro II address space ("This is the card's biggest drawback." — ProfPlum, English Amiga Board). However, note that Lukas has stated: "Zorro II version currently uses 4MB address space, but this could be customized."

Also, Lukas does not know how (or if) the Super Buster revision 11 chip (Zorro III Amigas only) impacts the ZZ9000's operation/performance. Any specific issues remain to be seen.

Quoting from IComp's website:

"The latest revision of the Buster chip corrects a number of bugs that are present in the -7 and -9 revisions. A must-have for owners of A3000, A4000 and respective tower versions."

(These rev. 11 Super Buster chips may be available from AnalogicComputers (eBay seller), AmigaKit, and Individual Computers.)

I only mention this because, even with a Super Buster revision 11, my X-Surf 100's RapidRoad module would not work in my A4000 until I installed IComp's 1.7 patch in the form of the updated rapidroadxs100usb.device:

"V1.7 of the RapidRoad devices fixes the Zorro III problems that a few customers with A3640 and Cyberstorm accelerators have reported. Requires Thor's mmu.library to be installed. Copy the unpacked archive to your DEVS:USBHardware/ folder. RR drivers V1.7" [Source link]